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Self Care Sunday #1

Posted by Mason on Apr 26th 2020

Happy Sunday! 

Welcome to my blog and first entry. 

Sunday's have so many meanings for different people. For me Sunday is the day I use to recharge myself, reflect on my past week, and plan goals for the upcoming week. I wake up and meditate while burning White Sage and listening to Reiki healing music. Opening all the windows in my home to release all of the built up energy from the past few days. I also try and ignore my phone for the first 2hrs. Honestly it's a Self-Care Selfish Sunday, and why not? Most of the week we dedicate so much of ourselves to other people and things, what's wrong with taking a day just for you? 

I have been practicing something on my self care day called "Sorry, not today..". Often times we feel bad or mean for saying "No" even when it causes us more stress by saying yes. I say you should take care of yourself the best way you know how and dedicate some time to yourself.