Iris Agate

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Iris Agate is a very unique, rare type of thinly sliced Agate. They are called Iris agates because the word Iris means "Rainbow or Rainbow like appearance." When held up to the light (natural and artificial) produces natural iridescent(Rainbow)bands. This effect can only be seen in a very small percentage of Agates. They have been polished only.

These are the meausurements for each slice: 23ct(Approx. 40 x 26 x 2.2 mm), 50ct(Approx. 59 x 50 x 1.6 mm), 66ct (Approx. 65x 50x 2.2 mm)

Metaphysically, its known to allow spiritual relaxation, helps getting through stress and strain of the day, and also good for making sound decisions.

Please note these are thinly sliced so please be careful while handling them. Avoid dropping them. They appear a lot darker when not being seen through light.

The pictures show the way the light passes through the crystals in both daylight and under flash.